Nexus One 4.2.2

Flash Custom ROM basic steps for Nexus One OR Android Devices


Nexus One Windows drivers //(Download)  OR Android SDK

ADB (Android Development Bridge) tools //(Download)  OR Android SDK

- Class-10, 8-16G Micro SD, it's cheap now (HK Price)  //Due to Nexus memory limited, fast SD used for additional apps storage

- Computer with Windows XP+ //seek tools for Linux, Mac, etc by yourself


- Backup applications list by aTrackDog(SD) track backup app (Play Store) //email the list out

- Backup APN, Call Log, SMS, and other kinds of setting, data and copy all stuff to desktop

- root the Nexus One OR Android device (xda) // Fastboot.exe download

- flash recovery

Blackrose [System: 260 Cache: 8 Userdata: 168] // Nexus One only due small system size

- Download ROM to desktop [ [ROM/4.2.2] [Mar 02 2013] VJ CM10.1 | Jelly Bean 4.2.2 - v5.0 for N1]

- Boot into recovery by “power on" + “vol-down

- Re-partition SD-Card in recovery with swap:128 - 256, sd-ext:1G+, FAT:rest (recommend swap:256M)

- mount USB storage in recovery, restore SD-Card by copy useful data back to SD-card

- Wipe all and flash ROM in recovery

- Connect desktop, start “adb shell”, type "a2sd install", type "Y N Y" and reboot

- Connect WI-Fi and sign in with Google Account, Apps should auto re-install from Plat Store

- Check a2sd diskspace, setting storage size, etc

- Go to Settings -> Launcher -> Homescreen -> Check "Stretch screens", Un-check "Scroll wallpaper", Check "Wallpaper quick render" //suggest by the developer 

- Click Setting -> About phone -> Build Numbers 7 times for developer options

- Tweak (overclock, memory, windows scale, etc)

- Install apps (Play store)

- Enjoy and thanks AOSP, CMEvervolv, AOKP and vijendrahs, this 4.2.2 ROM is smooth and nice for daily use :D

And video preview from Dima Kantargi

Nexus One running Android JB 4.2.1 CM10.1 v4.7 by VJ



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